The SIMtoCARE Dente training simulator is used to practice dental procedures on a virtual patient / phantom head. 

The procedures can be practiced on example cases or on patient specific scans that are loaded into the simulator.

Manual Dexterity

Cases created to develop motor skills and indirect vision skills using dental mirror as a secondary tool.

Operative Dentistry

Cases designed to practice caries removal and cavity preparation design with different levels of difficulty in a safe and non-invasive environment. 


Exercises to train all kinds of prosthodontics treatments, either on isolated teeth or in fulll archs. Practice the steps involved in these procedures in a controlled environment. 



Module to practice root canal access cavities with precision using lifelike tooth models, customizable scenarios, and interactive haptic feedback.



Train precise implant placement in realistic scenarios, customizable treatment plans, and with cross-sectional views of DICOM data. 



A wide range of periodontal scenarios, including probing the pockets and scaling (calculus removal). 



The simulator provides a realistic hands-on experience, allowing users to master needle placement and accurate dosage application.