SIMtoCARE Dente is the next gen dental simulator. It uses the latest technology available to create a realistic training experience. 

High fidelity haptics

High fidelity haptics in a large workspace of 100x100x100 mm. This way the complete upper and lower jaw can be reached without moving the model. It also supports the larger movements required for periodontology, implantology and anesthesia.

Realistic 3d image

The SIMtoCARE Dente uses a 4K high resolution screen with autostereo technology. This means that the user can see a depth without having to wear 3D glasses. 

The mixed reality visor shows both real and virtual objects together. This way the hands and finger rest are visible in combination with the tooth that is being drilled. Dental loupes can be used in a natural way without interfering with 3D glasses.


The simulator screen of multiple systems can also be displayed on a large screen. This allows for a live broadcast of what’s going on in the classroom.

Teacher's dashboard

A user-friendly and intuitive platform to manage users, create courses and groups, make custom cases that meet specific requirements, check student’s progress and evaluate them. 



case editor

The case editor allows editing and customisation of cases. This way the university can change the text, pictures, questions, rubrics. Also the feature buttons within the execution screen can be enabled or disabled and the available instruments and burrs can be configured.


Intra-oral scanner

The user can easily import STL and PLY intra oral scans and directly convert them into a drillable model within the simulator.

This way patient scans can be used to simulate and prepare for patient treatment. 

The complete patient treatment workflow can be practiced by exporting the model from the simulator to a new STL or PLY scan.