Procedures and features

The SIMtoCARE Dente training simulator is used to practice dental procedures on a virtual patient / phantom head. Procedures range from manual dexterity exercises, operative dentistry, prosthodontics, access cavity to root canals and implantology. The procedures can be practiced on example cases or on patient specific scans that are loaded into the simulator.

  • Manual dexterity exercises are used for developing hand skills and indirect vision skills using the dental mirror as a secondary tool:
  • Operative dentistry with gold standard examples and export of tooth models for integration with clinical software programs:
  • Prosthodontics with original outline visibility, interocclusal checks and export of models for integration with CAD-CAM tools:
  • Endodontic access to cavity with semi-transparent view of root canals:
  • Implantology cases with real-time cross-sectional views of DICOM data:
  • Patient specific cases based on intra-oral scans that can also include DICOM data for real-time cross-sectional views. A problem based approach can be followed where all dental procedures and features are available:

Within these procedures new cases can be added by copying exising cases and by editing text, pictures and models.

The SIMtoCARE Dente training simulator will be delivered as a turn key system and the creation and customization of cases is included in our training.