Dente training simulator

SIMtoCARE Dente is the next gen dental training simulator. It uses the latest technology available to create a realistic training experience.

Stand alone setup on wheels // Usage above a desk to save space

The SIMtoCARE Dente training simulator mixes Reality with Virtual Reality objects. It integrates phantom head elements for hand and finger rest with the haptic feel of virtual elements.

The SIMtoCARE Dente training simulator uses the best practices that are commonly available and has been protected with several patents that are specific to its design.

Our detailed dental models are created using the standard marching cubes algorithm as published in 1987 by William E. Lorensen and Harvey E. Cline. For solidifying (voxalising) patient specific intra oral scans, we use a standard ray casting method (Scott Roth, 1980) in combination with the standard marching cubes algorithm. The resolution of voxalisation is adjusted depending on the needs for accuracy. For more detailed preparations and for the realistic simulation of endo orifices we use a resolution of 0.1 mm3.

These algorithms allow for quick voxalisation in our simulator using our voxaliser tool. This way students can work with patient scans without needing assistance for model generation.

For patents that are specific to our design we can refer to: WO2021028260A1 and WO2022002778A1. In addition to this we have a number of national patents granted and pending.

The innovative concepts behind the SIMtoCARE Dente dental training simulator are protected by pending patent applications.